Community Input Meetings Postponed!

We are anxious to hear your opinions on the final design for the Lowline and we are disappointed that the COVID19 crisis has delayed the process.  We're hoping to re-schedule the community meetings for the month of May.  Check back here for updates, please.

W e l c o m e

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A place for walkers and cyclists, families, lovers and friends. It will connect with more parks and greenways, providing places for music and art, and help to address the city’s traffic and flooding problems.

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About Us

I-26 flying over the Lowline.


Much of the LowLine corridor occurs under the elevated I-26, an area that separates neighborhoods from one another, an area that has not been improved or beautified.  Though it is tempting to compare the Lowline to New York's High Line or Atlanta's Beltline, the Lowline vision is unique to Charleston.  It can become a series of unique places or parks, a park network that celebrates and enhances the uniqueness of each neighborhood and district within the city. This will be a place for all our citizens and a place that brings all our citizens together.

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What Can it Be?


We believe the LowLine will become a key segment in a larger network of linear parks that will run throughout our region. This network will connect the peninsula to West Ashley, to North Charleston and to Mt Pleasant. This green infrastructure will bring our region together. Importantly, this green network will enable alternate modes of transportation, helping to solve our current transportation challenges.

Endless possibilities in sun or shade

Behind Us....And Ahead


The Friends of the Lowcountry Lowline (FLL) successfully negotiated the purchase of the property and acquired it jointly with the City of Charleston.  It is now the property of the citizens of Charleston. FLL and the city have an agreement governing how the property will be developed and managed.

Next Steps: 1/to engage with the community to design what it will be, and how it will serve the neighborhoods around it, and 2/to set up a mechanism to fund the design, construction, and maintenance of the Lowline.


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